Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Blood is the Life - 25 of the Worst Gashes in Boxing, Part I

Jim Watt TKO12 Sean O'Grady, 1980

Sean O'Grady is likely best known for boxing commentating and interviewing on FoxSports and USA's Tuesday Night Fights in the late 1990's and early 2000's, but once upon a time, he was actually a fighter. Certainly not a bad one, but he struggled against just about anyone with any sort of discernible class. And against WBC lightweight titlist Jim Watt, his skin gave in to the old stereotype about Irish boxers' skin -- that is, that it spews forth crimson when even gazed upon. By most accounts, O'Grady was doing quite well against Watt before the stoppage, pounding left hooks to the champion's eyes and drawing first, second and third blood by way of three gashes around Watt's eyes. But the WBA title wasn't in the cards. 

The AP said from Glasgow via the Plain Dealer, "Then, in the 10th, a dramatic change of fortune left O'Grady bleeding profusely from a severe cut low on his forehead, just above the nose. The American felt the damage was the result of a butt, dropped his hands, and was rewarded with two quick right jabs to the wound. His confidence drained from that moment on and French Referee Raymond Baldeyrou halted the contest 30 seconds from the end of round 12."

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Lot of Things Right With Boxing

Photo: Chris Farina

The perils of explaining the ins and outs of the current boxing game to anyone that's less than a hardcore fanatic are well-known to those who've tried. Your average boxing junkie has probably come up with stock responses to the puzzled inquiries by now, like, "He's not actually the champion," or "No, the judges weren't bribed -- just inept." 

But when a body asks, "What is wrong with boxing?" in the wake of one of the sport's many follies, there's one generalized, all-encompassing answer: "There are a lot of things wrong with boxing."

And it's true. From lack of accountability, to rules that allow far too much interpretation, to copious amounts of champions and belt-holders, to bloodsucking men-in-charge that bruise the sport with every greedy swipe... There are a lot of things wrong with boxing. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

From Beyond the Grave - The Elements

Photo: Chamreon Songkitrat, left, and Jimmy Carruthers; Jay Robert Nash Collection

"Undefeated Jimmy Carruthers of Australia retained his world bantamweight title tonight by out-pointing Chamreon Songkitrat, Thailand police lieutenant, in a grueling, bloody 12-rounder fought in a driving rainstorm. Because of the heavy downpour, both fighter fought bare-footed, the first world title fight in Thailand's history. A crowd of around 50,000 sat in the open air National Auditorium ... The bout was interrupted in the third and ninth rounds when exposed electric bulbs over the ring exploded and splattered glass over the ring. Time had to be called while the glass was swept up."

     - Times-Picayune, 1954, Jimmy Carruthers vs. Chamreom Songkitrat