Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Listen Up, Boxing History Junkies...

Ticket stub for the postponed and displaced 8th match between lightweight champion Benny Leonard and the "Scotch Wop" Johnny Dundee, which was prohibited in New Haven by police, then moved to Newark, then Jersey City.

For those interested in boxing history and random boxing trivia (and if you're reading Beloved Onslaught in the first place, you probably are), please check out pages I've set up on both Twitter (@BoxingHistory) and Facebook (Boxing History) dedicated solely to that type of stuff. 

If me personally recommending other pages I run isn't quite enough to convince you, here are screenshots of both, so you can get an idea: 

From "Pancho Villa" Francisco Guilledo to Manny Pacquiao, or Floyd Patterson to Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and everywhere in between, much of the Facebook and Twitter updates include doing the "on this day in history..." stuff. But I also like to throw in random quotes and tidbits about boxing every so often. 

Additionally, once the Facebook page reaches either 1,000 or 1,500 "likes" (depending on how quickly it can get there), and the Twitter page reaches 5,000 followers, I will be giving away memorabilia like a signed glove or two, a copy of a 1964 Ring Record and Encyclopedia, likely a few signed 8x10's, copies of old boxing magazines, etc. 

This isn't done for financial gain -- just to pass on information that has been forgotten about by many over the years. Perhaps if we can encourage enough fans to appreciate the deep and interesting fountain of knowledge that is boxing history, it may give them a new perspective on the sport and understand how and why boxing is the way it currently is, good and bad. 

Thanks so much to everyone for their continued support of me here, at Queensberry-Rules.com, and hopefully also at these Facebook at Twitter pages. 



  1. Hey Pat, when you get there, I might have some cool stuff to give you from back in the day to give away.

    1. Just #4,871 on the list of cool shit you've done for other people, my friend.