Saturday, February 25, 2012

Juan Carlos Burgos Outshines Cristobol Cruz, But Only Somewhat


Sloppy action accented what was a fairly lackluster Friday Night Fights on ESPN2 last night, as what might have been entertaining match ups on paper turned out to be a bit underwhelming. But boxing fans looking to FNF for their pre-Saturday warm up have become somewhat accustomed to fights that look better the week before than they wind up being on the night of. 

Hard-nosed scrapper and former featherweight titlist Cristobol Cruz, who is usually good for a solid effort with his "land what I can" style, was generally out-classed by recent WBC title challenger Juan Carlos Burgos. 

In place of a firefight, fans instead witnessed Burgos often fighting jumpy and looking to avoid any exchanges. It's not that it was necessarily the incorrect tactic, just that Burgos was unable to sustain much of an offense that wasn't based on waiting for Cruz to attack and countering.